"Sketching is extremely powerful because it is incredibly fluid"


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fermin ospina for Washington Rock ballet

Pencils before pixels


The work of the modern designer lives in the abstract world of the computer, where every move we make is precise and effortless. Precision has its place, but not in the early stages of the creative process, when our ideas are still nebulous. There’s danger when creative exploration starts with perfection.

His process begins with rough concepts. He and his team sketch, make models, then reflect. If the outcome isn’t right, they throw it out to begin again. Crude outputs early on make the work less precious and completely malleable.

The power of a pencil

The pencil is a humble tool that’s sparked millions of great ideas. It’s the inverse of a computer; it’s simple and limited in functionality, but its limitations make it effective.

Taken from: DesignBetter.Co


"I start everything important with pencil and paper"


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Pencils are important to the creative process:


  1. Pencils are inclusive. They’re not just for designers—anyone can use a pencil to express their ideas clearly. The pencil is the great equalizer.

  2. Pencils are low-fi. Quick sketches give no impression of a complete thought, signaling to all that it’s okay to offer feedback.

  3. Pencils aren’t fiddly. Instead of getting lost in software settings or style, you’ll focus on your ideas.

  4. Pencils are fast. You can explore vastly different solutions to the same problem in minutes, and you won’t feel bad throwing your sketches out because you invested so little time.

Taken from: DesignBetter.Co

fermin ospina for OSPINA woman footwear


fermin ospina for SQUARE BALL studios (UI design concept)

”To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination.” 




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